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Quotes "A trip of a lifetime. Thank you Zacky's" Quotes
Pip Joy
Sidney Australia

Quotes I just completed a ride with Jim & Tom from Zacky's backroad Adventures. It was the best I have done, this guy knows the roads and will keep you off the freeways and on the mountain passes and twisties. It was the most awesome riding experience of my life. Sturgis next year (2015) will be massive. You need to tick it off your bucket list. Quotes
Brett Gorman
Sydney Australia

Quotes In 2014 I had the opportunity to take part in a trip from Seattle to Sturgis & back. I started dreaming of Sturgis in 1977 as a boy of 14. Although it was a long time coming it was well worth the wait. I got to do the ride with friends from Sydney Australia, where I live & some of the coolest guys from Seattle. Big Jim, Tom ,Randy and Becky helped make this dream trip into the trip of a lifetime. Every day was filled with breath taking rides, great adventures, cool bars & bike shopping spots to drain every spare dollar from your pocket at prices we can only dream of in Australia. These guys are great to ride with, chill with, & party with. I would definitely recommend the Zacky's guys to anybody wanting a bike experience to tick off their bucket list. Awesome, in fact I will be back again myself. Quotes
Karle Harrison
Customer, Sydney Australia

Quotes "Thank you (Zacky's Backroad Adventures) for always being warm and inviting, but more importantly, amazingly organized and safe" Quotes
Wendy Holloway

Quotes I don't think words can put into perspective all of the great times and memorable rides I've had with Jim. I've enjoyed some rides of a lifetime and just as many incredible memories to go along with those rides! I've been to Sturgis with Jim in 2009 and 2011 and both rides were very unique with spectacular scenery and of course like all of Jim's rides it was completely planned out and fun for all levels of riders. When you add Tom to the mix, you get another skillful rider with a flair for the fun side of life! If you want to enjoy the ride of a lifetime, take a spin with Jim and Tom! I highly recommend it! Quotes
Brian Albert

Quotes I GOTTA SAY YOU WILL BE "BLOWN AWAY" WITH THE RIDES THAT JIM PUTS TOGETHER!! I have been riding since the early 70's and have been on many trips, including Sturgis at least 6 times, and have never seen so many interesting places as I have on just a couple of rides with Jim. He has an uncanny ability to put together a ride that will amaze and delight you at every turn. His attention to detail is amazing and he puts a lot of research into every ride so there are no surprises. I have visited places that I never knew existed, even here in Washington, and to ride with him is a pleasure you will never forget! Quotes
Jack Kling

Quotes I have been on many rides with Jim over the years. The experiences both my wife and I have had when Jim leads the ride are exceptional; a sense of calm comes over you knowing he will be leading. Familiar with his abilities, I know "out-of-the-shoot" that Jim will lead us on a safe, fun ride. Not only is he a walking road map, but safety is his main concern. He is a very conscientious leader and is well aware of everyone in the group. It's amazing how he can navigate the road, attentive to any potential hazards, while keeping his third eye on everyone behind him. We actually get spoiled riding with Jim because we feel so comfortable. If you are looking for a once-in-a-lifetime ride (or maybe several those), filled with amazing sights, fun, and safety, we highly recommend Zackys Backroad Adventures! Quotes
Mike and Karen Collier
North Bend, WA

Quotes You will see other testimonials about riding with us, but I would like to share my introduction to riding with Jim. One of my first experiences was a Saturday ride through the Skagit River valley on "Oyster Run" weekend. I have relatives in the area and thought I was pretty well schooled on the local roads. However, Jim took our group on roads I never knew existed. The ride was very well-planned. We stopped in some little towns every hour or so, and many of them I had never seen before. Some of those backroads were spectacular! Since that day, I can't get enough of backroads and exploring new rides with Jim. Quotes
Tom Finken
Zackys Backroads Partner