Zackys Backroad Adventures

Motorcycle trips of a lifetime!

Jim ("Big Jim") May


  I grew up in Central Washington before the freeways were built.  The only roads I knew are now back roads.  Over time I have developed a deep appreciation for cruising and discovering new back roads, my friendship with the people who ride them, and the unique people and places you discover along the way.  Now that I am seasoned (not old), my curiosity has led me to ride most of the back roads in the State of Washington, as well as very extensively in Idaho, Montana, Oregon, British Columbia, Alberta, Arizona, Nevada, Wyoming, and Utah.  And of course, everyone needs to go at least once to Sturgis South Dakota and ride the Black Hills.  There are hundreds of stories to tell, but one of my favorites was on a ride through Red Lodge, Montana on the way back from Sturgis, just before heading for Beartooth Pass in August of 2010.  I met 90-year-old Andy Anderson who said, after a lengthy chat, “I love talking to bikers cuz they’ve been everywhere!”  As we rode toward Beartooth, I thought of all the places I had been, the colorful people I had met and realized…he said it perfectly.


Tom Finken

  I grew up in Western Washington and started riding motorcyles at age 12. I saw my first custom Harley in California a year later, and I can still remember thinking someday I will be riding one of those. I've been riding bikes ever since and so do my three kids who raced when they were younger and still ride today. In fact my oldest son raced competitively until age 30 and is still involved in the racing industry. Several years ago, my dream of a "Custom Harley" was realized when I built my own chopper and it was showcased in V-Twin magazine.